Court rental refund | Winter 2021-2022

Refund of prepaid court rent

Due to evening lockdown from 28-11-2021 (from 5 pm) and complete closure from 19-12-2021 to 15-01-2022


As a result of the corona measures, we had to partially close the indoor lanes first and later completely this winter season.

It has already been reported in our newsletter, as a contracting party you are entitled to a full refund of the court rent for the match days that have not been played. The board of Park Startbaan wants to settle the repayment of the track rent as soon as possible.

The exact amount is different for each contractor. Contractors from 5 p.m. had a 7-week closure and for contractors up to 5 p.m. it concerns 4 weeks of closure. Public holidays such as Christmas and New Years were already deducted in the invoice amount.

Responses to the reports in our newsletter indicate that a number of contractors believe that the financial risk for the closure does not have to lie solely with the landlord. Runway tenants may also be willing to donate part of the refund, because the costs for the landlord will continue.
That is why we want to give you, as a contracting party, the opportunity to make a choice between a full or a partial refund in consultation with your fellow players.
Opting for a partial refund means that you are in fact making a donation to Park Startbaan. We really appreciate this!

In addition and separately from that, you can choose to have the refund deducted from the court rental costs of the next winter season 2022-2023. Then you will find that reflected in a reduced invoice amount the following season.

We ask that you indicate both choices on this form (check the box twice) and send us the form before February 15, 2022. We will then ensure a quick settlement.

For a good understanding: donation is completely voluntary! The choice presented does not oblige you to anything. But if you want to support us, we owe you a big thank you.


The board of Park Startbaan,

N.B.1 The agreement to settle the court rent with the payment of the court rent in the next season not implies that a new contract for the coming season has already been concluded. As usual, tenants will receive a new contract for the new season in March 2022.

N.B.2 The settlement of the refund is accompanied by considerable administrative burdens. Unlike last year, we will charge an administration fee for this. The costs that will be deducted from the refund amount to 12.50 euros per booking.

N.B.3 Trainers and associations cannot use this form. The administration will contact them directly for the administrative processing of the refund.

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