Safe billiards in corona time

Veilig biljarten in coronatijd

Update medio 2022.

All measures taken in connection with corona no longer apply today.

Due to the increase in infections, the cabinet has taken new measures from 28 November 2021. From November 28, an evening lockdown will apply from 5 p.m. Park Startbaan will be closed from 28 November at 5 p.m.

Unfortunately, Corona is not gone (yet). The following themes remain important:

  • the one and a half meter distance; this is a legally required measure
  • hand hygiene
  • the ventilation in the room
  • stay home with complaints
  • face masks are not mandatory during play, but are required when walking to one of the other areas of Park Startbaan. (Sports cafe, toilet, exit)

There are some rules when playing billiards in corona time that are related to the one and a half meters. The main one is: only the one who is playing billiards is standing, the others are at a distance of one and a half meters. No hands are shaken.

Hand hygiene speaks for itself. Hands are disinfected before each batch and also after each batch. The play balls are disinfected in the cleaning machine. The cue must also be disinfected before the party.

Keeping your distance and hand hygiene are the most important elements of corona prevention.

The billiard room is equipped with an up-to-date ventilation system. Every 15 minutes, all air in the room is extracted and 50% mixed with outside air is blown back. Before the air is blown back into the room, it passes HEPA filters, known for the optimal ventilation in hospitals and airplanes.

From November 28, 2021, the Corona Protocol Billiard Center Park Startbaan will also apply again. The most important additional rules in the protocol are:

  • only the one who is allowed to stand billiards, the others must sit at a table, 1.5 meters away
  • There is a maximum number of players in the room: 30 people.

And furthermore, keep having fun playing! Together we also keep the Billiard Center Park Startbaan safe.