Safe billiards in corona time

Veilig biljarten in coronatijd

From July 1, 2020, billiards can be played again and that is after 3 1/2 months of waiting, very gratifying news. It is important that the billiard environment is safe during corona time.

A billiard protocol has been drawn up for that safety. We would like to urge all billiards to respect this protocol! After all, we make corona safety together.

There are 3 themes in the protocol:

  • the meter and a half away
  • hand hygiene
  • the ventilation in the room

There are some rules when playing billiards in corona time that are related to one and a half meters. The most important is: only the one who is playing billiards, the others are at a meter and a half. No hands are fired. Access to the billiards room is via the canteen, the exit is at the rear.

Hand hygiene speaks for itself. Hands are disinfected before each batch and also after each batch. The play balls are disinfected in the cleaning machine. The cue must also be disinfected for the batch.

Keeping your distance and hand hygiene are the most important elements of corona prevention.

The billiard room is equipped with an up-to-date ventilation system. Every 15 minutes, all air in the room is extracted and blown back for 50% with outside air. Before the air is blown back into the room, it passes HEPA filters, known for optimal ventilation in hospitals and airplanes. HEPA filters remove the virus from the air. This modern ventilation system makes Park Startbaan one of the safest billiards centers in the region. In warm weather, if the outside temperature is above 25 degrees. C., the system blows in too hot air from above the flat roof. Then it gets too hot and then the system switches itself off.