Padel match ladder

Would you like to play with other players of your level?

Padel ladder summer edition 2024 (13 rounds, from April 1 to October 6, 2024)

On Monday April 1 we will start again with the Park Startbaan padel ladder, and it works very simply:

  • Every 2 weeks we arrange a fun match for you.
  • You choose when you like to play.
  • You will be grouped according to your playing level.
  • You change places if you win against someone who is higher on the ladder.
  • You play doubles with a permanent partner, only the captain registers.
  • A detailed description can be found  here.

Are you joining the ladder? You only have to specify your level and which days you like to play on:

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You can always register. Then you participate from a later round. No problem!