Renting a billiard table

Want to have a nice game of billiards?
A carom billiard table, a match table or a snooker table: there’s always one available for your entertainment.

Call the Sportcafé Startbaan for reservations: 020-6455666.

Or book a table directly here.

10- and 20-hour strip cards are available at the bar of the Sportcafé and in our webshop for both the carom and match/snooker tables.

And, parking is widely available and free of charge!


There are ready-to-use cues available in the billiards center as well as sets of balls. If you want high-quality balls, you can reserve a set of (almost) new balls for 2 euros each when you make your reservation; these balls are available at the bar.

Billiard rates 2024

Regular table rates

Carom billiard table

2 hours per week at a fixed time: € 95,10 per calendar quarter (€3,65 per hour!)

4 hours per week at a fixed time: € 157,50 per calendar quarter (€3,02 per hour!)

Snooker / Match table

2 hours per week at a fixed time: € 105,30 per calendar quarter
4 hours per week at a fixed time: € 175,50 per calendar quarter

  • With a permanent contract per table, you enter into an agreement for an entire calendar quarter, so with effect from 1 January, 1 April, 1 July or 1 October. A quarterly contract cannot be cancelled. Billing quarterly or monthly.

  • Special rates for competition teams during the competition period.

  • Interested in a regular table? Contact the administration of Park Startbaan by calling 075 6175443 or send a request by email to

Hour tickets

Hour ticket Carom billiard table

10-hour ticket € 75,00
20-hour ticket € 143,40

10-hour ticket weekend € 49.00

Hour ticket Snooker / Match table

10-hour ticket € 100,75
20-hour ticket € 193,80

  • Hour tickets bought in 2024 will be valid all through 2024 and 2025.

  • Hour tickets can be used both during the weekend and during the week.

  • Tickets are not transferable and cannot be exchanged for money; tickets have a limited validity and can only be used for single billiard hours.

By the hour

Carom billiard table

€ 7,50 per hour –  weekends (sat-sun): € 5,00 per hour


€ 9,95 per uur –  weekends (sat-sun): € 7,00 per hour

Match table

€ 9,95 per hour –  weekends (sat-sun): € 7,00 per hour