Billiard ladder

Would you like to play with other players of your level?

Sign up now for the new Park Startbaan Billiard Ladder.

Three times a year we will start with a new Park Startbaan Billiard Ladder, in January, May and September, and it works very simply:

  • Every 2 weeks we arrange a fun match for you.

  • You choose when you like to play.
  • You will be grouped according to your playing level.
  • You change places if you win against someone who is higher on the ladder.
  • The winner is the one who makes the most caroms in 1 hour of play.

  • The games are played on the (small) carom tables, according to the rules of the KNBB.

  • Participation is free of charge; table rental costs must be shared.
  • You will find a detailed description here.

  • If you missed the first round, you can always register later and join the ladder. The ladder has 7 or 8 rounds.

Are you also playing? You only have to specify your level and which days you like to play:

Sign In:

When registering, you will be asked about your level in the form of 1 to 5 stars. To specify your level in number of stars, you can use the following average guideline:

Stars Moyenne
1 star Moyenne 0 tot 30 in 30 turns (0 – 1,0)
2 stars Moyenne 31 tot 48 in 30 turns (1,0 – 1,6)
3 stars Moyenne 49 tot 70 in 30 turns (1,6 – 2,3)
4 stars Moyenne 71 tot 95 in 30 turns (2,3 – 3,1)
5 stars Moyenne 95 tot 120 in 30 turns (3,1 – 4,0)
6 stars Moyenne boven 120 in 30 turns (4,0 or higher)

The Billiard Ladder is an open competition. Members and non-members of billiard associations can participate, players who play at other locations are also welcome.

Ladder matches take place in Billiard Center Park Startbaan, on a date and time reserved by the players themselves.