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Billiard Center Park Startbaan

Park Startbaan, our own park, offers a unique and professional billiards center for billiards enthusiasts. Seven carom tables, two match tables and a snooker table are at your disposal.

And, new in 2021, our modern ventilation system is equipped with top cooling. On warm days, the billiard room is also pleasant to play!

The tables are rented by the hour on all days of the week. In addition to the individual rental, you can also conclude an attractive quarterly contract for playing at a fixed hour.

Booking is very easy with our online booking system, but you can also book by phone at 020 645 56 66. 
If you want information about a contract per quarter, please contact the administration at 075 617 54 53 of send a email naar:

There are 9 Amstelveen associations active in the billiard center, each with its own character and possibilities. Some associations have a completely recreational character with pleasant club evenings or club afternoons. Other associations also play in a competitive context. Below you will find more information about the associations.

Frequently asked questions about billiards

Yes, access is free. The Billiard Center is open from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m., with the exception of Saturdays when the Billiard Center closes at 9 p.m.
There are billiards players who are members of one of the 10 (large and small) associations, but at least as many who are not members.

There is a  page  on the website with all the associations. It also states which times of the day they play. The size of the association can also be found there. That already provides a good direction in the selection process.
Most associations play purely recreationally, but some associations are also active in competitive matches. All associations have some form of introduction before you can make a final choice. The contact details of the associations can be found  here  on the website.

These are freely available in the Billiards Center. If you want excellent quality balls, they are available at the bar of the Sportcafé for 2 euros each.

It is best to do this via the Park Startbaan  reservation system . This makes it easy to see when a billiard table is available. After you have registered for the first time, you can reserve, book and pay online. Reservations can also be made by telephone via the Sportcafé on 020-6455666.

Billiards center Park Startbaan has its own  biljartschool  with various professional billiards teachers. On the website you will find all information about the billiards school.

That depends on whether you rent a billiard table once or for a longer period of time. Rates are lower on weekends. All rates are listed here on the website.

There is a large snooker table that is frequently used. There are no pool tables in the Billiards Center.

Billiard clubs

ABC Rembrandt

André Voet

De Doorstoters

Hans Clerc

De Vriendschap

Bob Oei

Biljart Nw Amstel

Toon van der Jagt

Biljart Time-Out

Jan Nooij

Biljart AHA

Hans Bos

BC De Mijnen

Marten van der Wal

  • …..

  • 7 members

  • Monday 19.00-23.00

  • Match billiards three cushion big on Saturdays

    District Veen- en Rijnstreek

Biljart Ons Genoegen

Hans Verkerk

Biljart R.B.C.A.

HenkJan Jaspers

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