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Winter contracts indoor tennis winter 2024-2025


Invoices for the winter contracts for the indoor tennis courts will be sent in the second half of July. We will apply a stricter payment term this year because due to the closure of various tennis halls in the area, there is a lot of demand for courts. Our request: do not delay your

Winter contracts indoor tennis winter 2024-20252024-07-14T14:00:44+02:00

Opening hours limited on weekends during the quiet holiday period


Just like last year, we will close the park earlier during the quiet holiday period on Saturday and Sunday evenings. This starts on the weekend of July 20 and lasts until the weekend of August 11. The park will then close at 6:00 PM. Opening hours remain unchanged during the week.

Opening hours limited on weekends during the quiet holiday period2024-07-14T13:33:10+02:00

Welcome Excelsior and EDO ’83


A warm welcome at the Park Startbaan billiards center to Excelsior and EDO '83. Both renowned billiards clubs have a long and impressive history in Amsterdam billiards. They come to play on 6 billiard tables for their club evening and competition on Thursday evening. The transition to Park Startbaan is a result of the

Welcome Excelsior and EDO ’832024-07-14T14:16:37+02:00

Maintenance round hall (indoor courts 3-4-5)


The round tennis hall will be unavailable for several weeks in September due to planned work. This concerns the period from September 12 to September 30. The work involves painting on both wooden side walls. These are painted in a light color with the aim of obtaining more scattered light in the hall. This

Maintenance round hall (indoor courts 3-4-5)2024-07-14T13:58:08+02:00

You can still register for the 42nd OST, but do it quickly!


One more week and then the Open Startbaan Tournament will start again! The 42nd OST edition starts on Saturday, June 15. With Royal Coster Diamonds as main sponsor again, we have a lot of tennis and padel on the program again this year. That alone gives the necessary sparkle to this 42nd edition. If

You can still register for the 42nd OST, but do it quickly!2024-06-06T11:27:39+02:00

New furniture for the clubhouse coming!


“Sporty, light, cozy, informal and in line with the atmosphere of the palm trees, like a beach club.” With these principles in mind, the construction team was sent by the reference group to take the final step in the construction process: the design of the clubhouse. That creative process can be found on the

New furniture for the clubhouse coming!2024-04-20T14:26:34+02:00

What is that wooden post doing on the terrace?


As you will have probably seen, the old patio tables have largely disappeared and we now have to make do with a few “beer tables”. But new tables are coming. These will arrive at the beginning of May. The new tables have a plastic top with a wood motif, Werzalit for the connoisseurs among

What is that wooden post doing on the terrace?2024-04-20T14:25:38+02:00

Outdoor court lighting malfunction


Perhaps you have already experienced it, a failure of the outdoor courts lighting. Suddenly, after the lights flash for a while, they go out. Very annoying and lately it has been happening more and more often. The lighting of courts 1-4 will continue to work. We are working hard to find the fault and

Outdoor court lighting malfunction2024-04-20T14:23:41+02:00
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