Corona crisis and Park Startbaan update May 23, 2020

The rumors were already circulating, and the news was already available on the LTC Startbaan site: after the first relaxation for the tennis enthusiasts in the form of the approval to play singles only, the KNLTB protocol was broadened on 20 May. You can now also play doubles again. Also on court 7, the court which you can rent per hour for the first time this year! For the billiards center, we also aim to open on June 1st. But there is still a lot of uncertainty about this.

23 May 2020|Categories: Billiards, Horeca, Tennis, Park Startbaan|

Attractive winter passes for indoor and outdoor courts

For both the court rental inside and outside, advantageous winter passes can be purchased. Those passes contain 5 euro boxes, which can be played on the indoor courts for four squares and on the outdoor courts for three squares. Winter passes for indoor and outdoor courts are now available at the bar.

23 October 2018|Categories: Tennis, Park Startbaan|