Padel – Clinics en lessons – info en aanvraag


As an introduction for those who have never played padel, Park Startbaan offers introductory clinics. In an hour you learn the game and you get acquainted with some game forms. The rules of the game are also discussed.

Clinics are taught by an experienced padeller, Nicky Roeg.

Registration for clinics at Nicky Roeg himself The registration is only complete after payment of the clinic via the webshop on our bookingspage.. You can register per person and also per group of 4 people.

The costs are 10 euros per person per clinic hour, which is the price for guidance, balls and racket rental, but excluding the court rental. The court rent depends on the time at which the clinic is given. It is also possible to register with a group of 4 people via the webshop.


You have probably become a bit addicted to padel after a clinic. Then play a lot and you will see that every time you discover new things in the game.
Of course you can also take a lesson from our entertrainer, Nicky Roeg, can be reached via
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