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Tennis on Park Startbaan

Park Startbaan, our own park, offers optimal tennis fun with 12 illuminated outdoor courts and 5 indoor courts. You can play tennis at Park Startbaan by renting a court or by becoming a member of the LTC Startbaan tennis club.

The indoor courts and one outdoor court are rented per hour, almost all year round. For this you can conclude a long-term contract per season for playing at a fixed hour. But it is also possible to rent a job separately per hour.

Are you looking for cozy recreational tennis, with your tennis friends or girlfriends, or for example at the many open tennistoss-activities, or do you want tennis lessons?

Is playing competition or participating in challenging tournaments suites you more?

In summer, tennis club LTC Startbaan in our park offers all facilities for optimal tennis fun. You can find information about becoming a member of LTC Startbaan here.

Frequently asked questions about tennis

Park Startbaan has 12 outdoor courts and 5 indoor hard courts. To play on the outdoor courts, membership of the LTC Startbaan tennis club is required during the summer season (April 1 to November 1). During the winter months, from November 1 to April 1, there are always some outdoor courts open for play without membership, in suitable weather conditions. The indoor courts are accessible to everyone in summer and winter without membership.

LTC Startbaan has its own website where all information about the association and membership can be found.
You can rent rackets at the Sports Café. Balls can be purchased at the Sports Café.

All lessons and training at Park Startbaan for young and old, brought together in one tennis school: The Majors Tennis Academy.

Xander Spong and Rachel Gans, initiators and owner, say the following on their website: We strive to be a leading Tennis Academy where quality and fun go hand in hand. Our goal is to inspire players to discover their passion for tennis, develop personally and experience lasting pleasure from being involved in this wonderful sport.

Lessons and training are provided by the coaching team of The Majors Tennis Academy. Membership of the LTC Startbaan association is required for lessons on the outdoor courts in the summer season (April 1 to November 1). More information can be found here.

In addition, the club tennis school trainers and other trainers are active on the indoor courts in both summer and winter.

It is best to do this via the Park Startbaan reservation system. This makes it easy to see when a tennis court is available. After you have registered for the first time, you can reserve, book and pay online. Reservations can also be made by telephone via the Sportcafé on 020-6455666.

That depends on whether you rent a tennis court once or for a longer period of time. All rates are listed here on the website. Members of LTC Startbaan receive a discount on the individual rental of tennis courts in both summer and winter.

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