Sign up for padel lesson package in September 2023


Our passionate trainers provide a varied training program in which technique, tactics and fun come together. They will help you develop your skills, refine your game strategy and build confidence on the court. Regardless of your level, we strive to enrich your padel experience and help you reach your goals. Do you want to

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Park Startbaan with free coffee/tea with cake!


Last weekend it was a surprise for many: free coffee and tea with cake. It is the first sign of a season of celebrations on Park Startbaan to mark the park's 50th anniversary. The free coffee and tea are offered by the Sportcafé. A fantastic gesture from Rick and his team. The pastry with the

Park Startbaan with free coffee/tea with cake!2022-04-12T15:59:47+02:00

Summer competition Padel update


SUMMER COMPETITION PADEL Everyone can participate in the padel competition: whether you are a beginner or a competitive player. Anyone who wants to play padel is welcome! In the Summer Competition Padel you can participate in the Friday evening, Saturday or Sunday competition. A team consists of at least 4 players. Play dates The Padel

Summer competition Padel update2022-04-12T15:57:06+02:00

Big step towards new clubhouse


The board of Park Startbaan has made some important decisions regarding the new construction of the clubhouse. First of all, it was decided to prepare and carry out the project in collaboration with the contractor AvoKoenen. The design team and the contractor will work together on the plan within the agreed budget. The plan is

Big step towards new clubhouse2022-04-12T15:49:59+02:00

Registration for padel lesson program is now open


PADEL LESSONS As a recreational or advanced padel player you can come to Park Startbaan for padel lessons in both private and group settings for a maximum of 4 people. Nicky Roeg, The Entertrainer, will discuss your goals during an intake interview. In this way, training can be given for every level in technical and

Registration for padel lesson program is now open2022-04-12T15:41:11+02:00

Park Startbaan 50 years!


The park will be celebrating its 50th anniversary this coming summer season. And we will certainly pay attention to this in the form of festive events and adding festivity to existing activities. The program is currently still under development. So keep an eye on this site and the newsletters. Then you will definitely hear more

Park Startbaan 50 years!2022-02-16T13:00:08+01:00

Relaxation of Corona and the consequences for Park Startbaan (February 2022)


Can we believe it yet? With all the announced relaxations, Park Startbaan will be able to function as usual again. Tennis, billiards and padel open to the maximum and especially for the Sports Café this is a decision that they have been looking forward to for a long time. The relaxations will take effect on

Relaxation of Corona and the consequences for Park Startbaan (February 2022)2022-02-21T14:02:27+01:00
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