New furniture for the clubhouse coming!


“Sporty, light, cozy, informal and in line with the atmosphere of the palm trees, like a beach club.” With these principles in mind, the construction team was sent by the reference group to take the final step in the construction process: the design of the clubhouse. That creative process can be found on the

New furniture for the clubhouse coming!2024-04-20T14:26:34+02:00

What is that wooden post doing on the terrace?


As you will have probably seen, the old patio tables have largely disappeared and we now have to make do with a few “beer tables”. But new tables are coming. These will arrive at the beginning of May. The new tables have a plastic top with a wood motif, Werzalit for the connoisseurs among

What is that wooden post doing on the terrace?2024-04-20T14:25:38+02:00

Park Startbaan is truly smoke-free


Smoking and sports do not go together, not even on Park Startbaan. Although we have declared the park smoke-free, that does not mean that all visitors to the park have given up smoking. Unfortunately, there are still too many who have yet to take that step. But the goal of the “smoke-free generation” campaign

Park Startbaan is truly smoke-free2024-04-20T14:21:00+02:00

Parking crowds expected Saturday April 13


A lot of parking crowds are expected on Saturday afternoon, April 13, between 12 noon and 6 p.m., due to an event of the Herman Wesselinck College. There is a good chance that our parking lot will be completely full. If possible: come on your bike!

Parking crowds expected Saturday April 132024-04-11T16:35:39+02:00

Padel ladder starts again in April


More and more padellers are finding our beautiful courts again. The nice weather beckons. Of course, padel playing outside is the most fun. A new series of the padel ladder will start soon. Whether you are an experienced player or just starting out: with the padel ladder at Park Startbaan you can quickly find

Padel ladder starts again in April2024-03-17T13:35:29+01:00

Padel: lessons and clinics


For padel lessons and padel clinics, Park Startbaan has entered into an agreement with The Majors Tennis & Padel Academy, the new tennis school at our park. They will provide padel lessons and training from April 1, 2024. Are you interested in this? Then go to the website of The Majors Tennis Academy or

Padel: lessons and clinics2024-03-17T13:28:27+01:00

Sign up for padel lesson package in September 2023


Our passionate trainers provide a varied training program in which technique, tactics and fun come together. They will help you develop your skills, refine your game strategy and build confidence on the court. Regardless of your level, we strive to enrich your padel experience and help you reach your goals. Do you want to

Sign up for padel lesson package in September 20232023-07-09T16:05:40+02:00

Park Startbaan with free coffee/tea with cake!


Last weekend it was a surprise for many: free coffee and tea with cake. It is the first sign of a season of celebrations on Park Startbaan to mark the park's 50th anniversary. The free coffee and tea are offered by the Sportcafé. A fantastic gesture from Rick and his team. The pastry with the

Park Startbaan with free coffee/tea with cake!2022-04-12T15:59:47+02:00
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