The rumors were already circulating, and the news was already available on the LTC Startbaan site: after the first relaxation for the tennis enthusiasts in the form of the approval to play singles only, the KNLTB protocol was broadened on 20 May. You can now also play doubles again. Also on court 7, the court which you can rent per hour for the first time this year!

All other corona rules remain applicable. What this news means for club activities such as the “club ladder” and “toss” can be found on the LTC Startbaan website in the coming week.

And today, May 23rd, we know the following for sure: the terrace of the Sportcafé opens on June 1st at 12:00 noon. The terrace has a limited number of places due to the 1.5 meter rule and standing places are forbidden for the time being. But hopefully this is a first step and further steps will follow. The cafe is closed for inside use, maybe this will be allowed later on. The opening of the terrace is under many corona conditions. One of those conditions is that there is no table service. You have to collect the drinks from the bar yourself.

The fact that the Sportcafé is not yet open for inside use, gives us the possibility for the renovation work of the kitchen.

For the billiards center, we also aim to open on June 1st. But there is still a lot of uncertainty about this. There are a number of billiard centers in the Netherlands that have announced an opening, in consultation with their municipality. But whether this is realistic for us will become clear in the coming week (week 25 May-1 June). Consultations between the billiards federation and the NOC / NSF are taking place in The Hague in that week.

However, the board will do everything in its power to have the (renewed) billiard center ready in such a way that billiards-enthusiasts are welcome again from June 1st onwards. We will report further in the coming week, when the final corona protocol will be available.

And finally: the indoor tennis courts are also waiting for the first tennis players of this summer. It is possible that the discussion which the federation of gyms will have with the Dutch government in the coming week will change this situation. But until that change occurs our beautiful indoor halls will still be closed.

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