The Sports Café will be open again from Wednesday, January 26, until 10 p.m. That’s great news. We can sit back after exercise, have a cup of coffee or have a drink with each other! Rick and his team have been really looking forward to this. And we no less.

There are a few conditions that we must adhere to:

  • The valid Corona Access Certificate is mandatory; checks will be picked up again by the Sports Café team;
  • When moving inside, the mouth caps are mandatory;
  • Everyone should sit at the table as much as possible;
  • And also stick to the 1,5 meters away.

None of this should be a problem, right? We’ll be here in a little while too!

Oh yes, don’t forget to mention: billiards still stops at 10 p.m. When the Sports Café is fully open again, this restriction will also be removed.