The renewal projects of 2021 are fully completed. Reason for an intermediate balance in the picture. It has become a wonderful promotional video, in which our pride in our beautiful park is beautifully expressed.
It is an impression of the renovations of Park Startbaan: the renovation of the outdoor courts, the relocation of the practice court, the construction of 2 padel courts and the renovation of the changing rooms with the new passage to the billiard center. The billiards center also got a facelift.

New projects are in the pipeline. The design group has started working on the renovation of the clubhouse. Part of the plans for the terrace will already be implemented this winter. The plans have been submitted to a newly formed sounding board group, all members of LTC Startbaan who are very involved. They responded very positively with many good tips. We will come back to the further developments of the building plans in a later message.