Park Startbaan has been closed  since december 15th 2020  due to the coronapandemia.

How long this forced closure period  will last is still uncertain, but for the time being an extension has been decided by the government  until February 10, 2021. It is uncertain whether the closure  will be prolongated  thereafter or not. 

After the reopening of the park, we will inform everyone  with regard to refunding of  rent  because only then will we know how long the closed period has been. 

For the foundation, this lockdown is financially hard, as with so many entrepreneurs. There is no specific compensation scheme from the government for our foundation as lessor of sport facilities, not at the moment and neither is it promised. The general arrangements from the government that exist provide very limited relief. This is in contrast to the clubs  on the park which were fully compensated for the rental costs when the billiard center and tennis courts were closed during the first lockdown. 

To be clear, the existence of the foundation is not at stake and we will surely continue with our activities in the near future , but this closure will of course heavily affect our financial reserves. Nevertheless we will continue with our plans to renovate the dressing rooms , renovation of the outside courts and building  two new padelcourts.
We  refer to the section “Bouwplannen” to get an impression of  these new developments!

We hope to again welcome you in good health  in the not to distant future this year .