Fantastic news, we can continue to play tennis outside for the next few months. So also after November 1!

Six outdoor courts will remain open for the coming winter, runways 1 to 6, as long as weather conditions allow and until winter maintenance takes place in early spring. In moderate to severe frost, the courts become unplayable. This will be reported directly on the site under “news”.

Runways 1 to 4 are available to members of LTC Startbaan (until December 15, for the time being). These can be reserved via the association’s (digital) debit system.

Lanes 5 and 6, to the left and right of the palm terrace, are available to non-members. The outdoor courts can be reserved and paid for via this site: click on this link and you will enter the reservation system.

As usual, the reserved outdoor courts can also be cancelled: see this page.

Anyway, lots of fun! Herman Mus will continue to do his best to maintain the jobs well and to clean up the fallen leaves from the trees. Thanks Herman!