One more week and then the Open Startbaan Tournament will start again! The 42nd OST edition starts on Saturday, June 15.

With Royal Coster Diamonds as main sponsor again, we have a lot of tennis and padel on the program again this year. That alone gives the necessary sparkle to this 42nd edition.

If you have not registered yet, do so quickly, you can do so until Sunday, June 9 at midnight. Many have already gone before you.

You can still participate in all strength categories, both in tennis and padel. So act quickly.

You can register via my KNLTB or via this link.

More information about the Open Startbaan Tournament:

  • A new NRt-500 tournament with the Cat-2 tournament as a qualification;
  • A regular 2-8 tournament where the doubles are played in groups
  • A Padel tournament with components at multiple levels.

To participate or not to participate, but still win? You don’t have to wait until the OST for the Royal Coster Diamonds competition. Registration for this is already open; Register via this link and participate. The results will follow on Tuesday after the tournament, June 25, 2024.