We were eagerly looking forward to relaxation of the corona rules in the sports sector as well. And they have come! In this newsletter all details about the consequences of the new rules for Park Startbaan.

Tennis on the outdoor courts and padel

Tennis and padel outside can go on a court with 4 people again, so playing doubles is possible again. And the mild winter weather continues to make this possible. If it continues like this, we will still be playing tennis outside in February! And there has been enthusiastic play in recent weeks. Some literally spoke of a “real gift”. So, what’s holding you back?

And the padel courts were also well occupied in the new year, also helped by the good weather. Many new players came to know padel. After all, other sports such as football and hockey were completely at a standstill. Was it fun to do? Please keep coming.

Tennis on the indoor courts

From January 15, 2022, tennis can also be played indoors again, both single and double. All current contracts will become active again from this date. And renting a court separately is also possible, of course, there are still small gaps in the schedule. Look for the possibilities on the site. A valid Corona Check is required for access to the indoor courts. Possession of this is required for access to all the interior spaces of Park Startbaan.


The billiard center will also open again from January 15, 2022. A valid Corona Check is required for access to the billiard center. Possession of this is required for access to all interior spaces of Park Startbaan. Welcome billiard players, we missed you too!

Sports cafe

The Sports Café still must be patient; hopefully it will be their turn to open soon. But Rick and his team won’t sit still. They will turn the bar into a coffee-to-go again. This means that there is a limited pick-up range available. But sitting in the clubhouse with a cup of coffee is unfortunately not allowed.

Toilets, showers and changing rooms

Changing rooms, showers and toilets are open and usable.

Basic rules corona

The basic rules of corona are: keep one and a half meters away, and use facemasks when moving in the indoor spaces. And, to emphasize again: a valid Corona Check is required for access to all interior areas of the park.

Opening hours Park Startbaan

From January 15, the old opening hours of the park will also apply: Monday to Friday until 11 p.m.; Saturday until 9 p.m. and Sunday until 10 p.m. Reservations for padel are possible until 10 p.m.

Finally: with you, we as board are very happy that you can work out again at our beautiful park. The sports sector is privileged above sectors that have yet to wait, such as the catering industry and the culture sector. Let’s act like privileged people and stick to the basic rules.

Have fun playing tennis, padel and billiards!