Everyone can participate in the padel competition: whether you are a beginner or a competitive player. Anyone who wants to play padel is welcome! In the Summer Competition Padel you can participate in the Friday evening, Saturday or Sunday competition. A team consists of at least 4 players.

Play dates

The Padel Summer Competition will be played in June and July 2022.

FRIDAY Jun 3 Jun 10 Jun 17 Jun 24 Jun 1
SATURDAY Jun 4 Jun 11 Jun 18 Jun 25 Jul 2
SUNDAY Jun 6** Jun 12 Jun 19 Jun 26 Jun 3 ** June 6 falls on Monday = Whit Monday

Competition offer

There are different classes on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The competition is divided once based on team average to allow padel players to play against equal opponents as much as possible. The competition is therefore for everyone: beginners, slightly advanced, advanced and competitive players.

The padel competitions on Saturday and Sunday are for players of all ages. On Friday you can participate from 15 years. A youth competition is offered on Sundays for padel players up to and including 17 years of age. This competition is also classified on the basis of team average.

Promotion and relegation

From 2022, all padel competitions will be played for promotion/relegation. This will create a pyramidal structure of classes, which ultimately reduces the level differences in the classes. The team rights apply per competition. A team is thus promoted or relegated to the same competition the following year. For example: a team becomes champion in the Summer Competition 2022 and is promoted to a higher class in the Summer Competition 2023.

Park Startbaan

Sign up now with your team or individually (we will see if we can place you in a team) by sending an email to Indicate how long you have been playing padel and how often.
Also pass on your Knltb number if you already have one. Cost for the whole team is €270 (for Saturday and Sunday. Friday would be slightly more expensive as it is played in the evening). Cost includes court rent, balls and guidance by our Entertrainer, Nicky Roeg.

Register before April 10, because then registration at the KNLTB will close.

More info at our Entertrainer Nicky Roeg,, 06-14779920