The board of Park Startbaan has made some important decisions regarding the new construction of the clubhouse.

First of all, it was decided to prepare and carry out the project in collaboration with the contractor AvoKoenen. The design team and the contractor will work together on the plan within the agreed budget. The plan is based on an approved global Program of Requirements.

The choice for the construction team form offers great advantages.

The contractor is responsible for the documents required for the municipal environmental permit. In addition, it is possible to work at a high pace. For example, an order has already been placed for making the construction calculations and drawings for the permit application.

The proposals were discussed in the design team and the sounding board group, and adjusted on a number of points after constructive discussions.

The decisions to continue working as a construction team and the determination of the budget were recently approved by the Supervisory Board of Park Startbaan.

The following schedule has been made with the contractor:

Preparatory documents and drawings for the permit in March and April;
Application for a permit from the Municipality in May;
Permit issuance by August at the latest;
Start construction October;
Completion March 2023.

Based on this schedule, construction will take place in the winter season and be completed before the outdoor season begins. The work in the old part of the clubhouse can then take place immediately if the new building can already be used, i.e. after 1 April 2023. Of course, this is still a rough (and also optimistic) planning. We are still working on alternative scenarios in case of unexpected setbacks.

This is all very good news!

There are of course still many details to fill in. We will regularly share the progress of the project with you in the Park Startbaan newsletter. Do you have questions or do you want to respond? You will always receive an answer from us. Then ask them via