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Biljart on Park Startbaan

Park Startbaan, our own park, offers billiards enthusiasts a unique and professional billiards center. There are 7 carom tables, 2 match tables and a snooker table.

The tables are rented by the hour on all days of the week. In addition to the individual rental, you can also conclude an attractive quarterly contract for playing at a fixed hour.

Booking and booking is very easy with our online booking system, but you can also book by phone at 020 645 56 66. 
If you want information about a contract per quarter, please contact the administration at 075 617 54 53 of stuur een e-mail naar:

There are 10 Amstelveen associations active in the billiard center, each with its own character and possibilities. Some associations have a completely recreational character with pleasant club evenings or club afternoons. Other associations also play in a competitive context. Below you will find more information about the associations.

Renting a billiard table
Corona and billiards

Billiard clubs

ABC Bankras

Kees Borkus

ABC Rembrandt

André Voet

De Doorstoters

Hans Clerc

Meer over De Doorstoters

De Vriendschap

Bob Oei

Biljartclub Hapoel

Lion Bouwman

Biljart Nw Amstel

Toon van der Jagt

Biljart Time-Out

Jan Nooij

Biljart Ons Genoegen

Hans Verkerk

Biljart Net Niet

Marijke Engels

Biljart R.B.C.A.

Geert Groen

Meer over Biljart R.B.C.A.

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