Renovation of Park Startbaan until 2023

New furniture for the clubhouse coming!


“Sporty, light, cozy, informal and in line with the atmosphere of the palm trees, like a beach club.” With these principles in mind, the construction team was sent by the reference group to take the final step in the construction process: the design of the clubhouse. That creative process can be found on the

New furniture for the clubhouse coming!2024-04-20T14:26:34+02:00

What is that wooden post doing on the terrace?


As you will have probably seen, the old patio tables have largely disappeared and we now have to make do with a few “beer tables”. But new tables are coming. These will arrive at the beginning of May. The new tables have a plastic top with a wood motif, Werzalit for the connoisseurs among

What is that wooden post doing on the terrace?2024-04-20T14:25:38+02:00

Big step towards new clubhouse


The board of Park Startbaan has made some important decisions regarding the new construction of the clubhouse. First of all, it was decided to prepare and carry out the project in collaboration with the contractor AvoKoenen. The design team and the contractor will work together on the plan within the agreed budget. The plan is

Big step towards new clubhouse2022-04-12T15:49:59+02:00

Hard at work again! – progress of construction projects


The start of the year is a good time to check the flag with the plans for the clubhouse and terrace. In answer to various questions, Rein Willems, chairman of the board of Park Startbaan and chairman of the design team, provides answers. Is it true that the design team is already hard at work

Hard at work again! – progress of construction projects2022-02-15T10:18:15+01:00

Wethouder Herbert Raat visited Park Startbaan


Curious about all the positive developments at Park Startbaan, Herbert Raat decided to honor the park on 7 October with an informal visit. Four years ago, as wethouder, Raat was closely involved in the decision-making process to privatize the park, as was Peter Bot, member and former chairman of LTC Startbaan, then alderman for sports

Wethouder Herbert Raat visited Park Startbaan2021-12-16T11:06:28+01:00

The new entrance gate, the broken cable and the new benches


The construction of the new entrance gate has been considerably delayed due to the damage caused to the KPN cable during the ground work. Not being able to pin, no telephone coverage for a week, the consequences were major. Fortunately, everything has been repaired, a piece of new cable has been welded in between. Wifi, telephone and the Sports Café's cash register system function as usual.

The new entrance gate, the broken cable and the new benches2021-12-16T11:15:37+01:00

4th Impression renovation Park Startbaan – May 2021


The renewal project of the outdoor courts last winter has almost been completed. For the first time in the Park's history, they are now "our" courts. This video gives a nice impression of the reconstruction of the Park Startbaan - renewal of the outdoor courts, relocating practice court, construction of 2 padel courts and the reconstruction of the changing rooms with the new passage to the billiard center.

4th Impression renovation Park Startbaan – May 20212021-12-15T12:10:45+01:00

What the tennisclub trainers have to say …


The outdoor court project and dressing room project are almost complete. Reason to show the end result of the courts. And that is of course best done through the eyes of the club trainers. The drone has also flown again and it shows spectacular images of our park! And finally, pay attention to billiards

What the tennisclub trainers have to say …2021-04-08T16:02:40+02:00
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