Notice to all tenants of tennis and billiards and to the members of the associations

These are difficult times for all of us. Of course, the greatest importance is our health. Sports, tennis and billiards will come again when this crisis is over.

But in such a crisis it is important to remain optimistic and to keep looking for light at the end of the tunnel.

UPDATE: We have sent you a message about the closure of the park until April 6, but in line with national policy relating to the coronavirus as stated on March 31, the Tennis- and Billiard Center Startbaan is temporarily closed until April 28.

These days, the administration will send an e-mail to the permanent private tenants of the tennis courts (not the trainers or associations) with the request to book again for the winter courses 2020-2021. We have included a passage with a special corona discount. Please your attention and the request to respond as soon as possible, at least before July 1. There is a lot of interest for the winter jobs!

We have already contacted billiard associations directly about the contracts for the second quarter.

Furthermore, the separate rental of tennis and billiards is completely stopped until the park opens again.

For example, the foundation will also gradually miss out on income, while the largely fixed costs will continue. Although the loss is substantial, it is too small to qualify for State aid. With our reserves we will be able to absorb this, as it stands, provided the closing period only lasts a few months.

But we certainly hope that this is a temporary crisis. We remain optimistic about the future. That optimism is justified in view of the good developments of Tennis and Biljartcentrum Startbaan in recent years.

We also want to radiate that optimism through the facelift that we are currently giving the tennis halls and the billiard center, in the short term. We have used the closure to carry out maintenance work. See the message below.

With all these activities, we hope to give new impetus to the further flowering of our park in the post-corona era.

We wish you a lot of strength and health! And hopefully see you soon!

The board