UPDATE March 18, 2022

The outdoor courts are opening again! Today Herman Mus, our groundsman has given the green light to open part of the courts on Monday 21 March. On that day, free play is available on courts 3-6 and 9-12. These courts can be reserved from Tuesday 22 March via the registration system of the LTC Startbaan, only for members.

The courtblocks 1,2 and 7.8 still require some post-treatment. These are expected to be ready within the next few days.

All in all, the frost period of February has had a significant impact on the gravel. But with long days of brushing, spraying and rolling, Herman has made the courts in good and playable condition again.

We wish all members of LTC Startbaan a fantastic and sporty outdoor season!

Tip: Always tow carefully after playing, then the courts stay in the best condition. But don’t  if there are puddles on the track!


Update March 4, 2022

With this beautiful weather it would be great tot be able to play tennis outside! But unfortunately. The weather is not cooperating. In particular the persistent night frost makes it impossible tot prepare the courts. And, as the long-term weather forecasts indicate, this will last until mid-March. W’ll be back here around March 10 with more news.


In order to keep the outdoor courts in good condition, they must be subjected to ‘major maintenance’ in the run-up to the new season. the polluted
The top layer is largely removed and is replaced by fresh gravel after the lanes have been harrowed. After the renovation of the top layer last year, extra attention was necessary, because a lot of coarse gravel had come to lie on top of a few runways. Meanwhile, lanes 5 to 8 have been cleaned and the top layer has also been made ‘ready to roll’. Even the lines are already there. It is up to Herman Mus, our groundsman, to roll, roll, and roll the lanes again in the coming weeks.

Runways 1-4 have been taken out of circulation this week and are now being taken care of. After the coming weekend they will be just like they are now
lanes 5-12.

Together with Herman, we aim to have the jobs completely ready by mid-March. That depends on the weather, and it should certainly not freeze. If all goes well, some courts may already be able to play at the beginning of March. Follow the current information on this site.