The corona rules will change from Saturday 25 September. No more 1.5 meter measures, but showing the corona check app is mandatory to regulate free access to catering, including at sports accommodations. Only when and where exactly in our Sports Café?

Where is a corona certificate needed?

The situation at our Park may seem a bit complicated, because the Sports Café also gives access to the changing rooms, the tennis halls and the billiards center. Because you do not need to have a corona ticket to use the changing rooms, toilets and sports areas, the following rules apply to all persons, aged 13 and older, who want to visit the clubhouse:

  1. If you eat snacks or drinks inside the Sports Café at a table or at the bar – both standing and sitting – you must be able to show a corona ticket. That rule also applies if you have drinks or snacks in the billiard room.
  2. This obligation does not apply on the terrace. As soon as you sit inside, the obligation to show your corona pass applies again.
  3. If you only walk through the Sports Café to go to the billiard room, tennis halls, toilets or changing rooms, there is no obligation to show your corona certificate. Of course you will again if you are going to use the catering industry, for example to already have a drink.

How is it controlled?

When using the catering industry in the Sports Café, you are required to be able to show your corona admission ticket and you must also be able to identify yourself as the person associated with that admission ticket.

What is accepted as a corona admission ticket?

It only concerns the well-known corona check app, with the information about the required vaccinations. The ‘yellow book’ does not apply.
The corona check app also contains the information about the recovery certificate in case you have had corona or the proof that you have a negative test that is not older than 24 hours.

Why is this important to all of us?

It is in everyone’s interest to keep control of the corona spread. This reduces the chance of infection. It is a nasty disease and with these rules you also prevent further measures such as new lockdowns. But it is also important to know that if the rules are violated, Rick as the operator of the Sports Café and you as a visitor run the risk of (high) fines.
Let’s protect each other from that and abide by these simple rules.

The board of Park Startbaan.