A title with perhaps a broader meaning in recent months; for now I’ll stick to the season opening of tennis at our park 😉

At the time of this writing, the sun is shining as if we are entering a subtropical climate, so the “little lamb in the meadow” level is high. The hedges are starting to turn green again, the buds are jumping   and our gardener Leo is working hard again, so that our visitors are received in a green and colored park.

The outdoor courts have been prepared by Herman, show the familiar orange/red color again and will be ready in time to be tested and played by all tennis enthusiasts of the association.

The raised outdoor terrace on the site of the old grandstand will also be ready, a great place for a snack and drink during the competition matches that will start in the second week of April.

Incidentally, the first team of LTC Startbaan plays in the second highest class of mixed teams in the Netherlands. Educational and fun to watch.

In addition to my job as a park manager, I am of course also just a trainer, so a few tips from that field to start the season well:

Good footwear

Buying a good pair of tennis shoes with the right fit, support and profile (herringbone) is a wise move. Over time, a sole often loses its resilience, so that the blows of body weight are less well absorbed, resulting in pain and/or injuries. The right profile ensures better grip on the clay, which aids movement.

New strings

Even a string loses its response after a lot of playing. In addition to just playing less well, it also affects the forearm muscles. A freshly strung racket with the right string provides more enjoyment and less chance of discomfort. The trainers of the association can provide advice on this.

A new grip

A refresh of the grip can ensure that there is less pinching in the handle, which has a favorable influence on the technical execution of the strokes. The above articles and services are all available through Tennis Direct, sponsor of LTC Startbaan and no, I don’t get a commission 😉

Then there is of course our other outdoor sport that flourishes in the summer: padel.

If you haven’t tried it yet and you are curious; our entertainer Nicky Roeg is happy to teach you the principles of this addictive game. Many tennis players have chosen padel as their second sport as a nice change of pace and have even noticed that it improves certain aspects of their tennis game. A nice cross-pollination, to stay in spring terms.

I wish you all a great start to the season! We are looking forward to it!