A few days ago a painter started to renovate the walls of the billiard center. All billiard tables have also been removed from the billiard center to give space to a floorlayer. There will be a new floor with wood print in the coming week. Then the long desired net curtains are hung in front of the windows. Finally, Paul van Oosterhout of Wilhelmina Billard and his team will return the tables and provide them with new sheets. All in all, this facelift of the billiard center is a major operation. We are counting on the billiard center to look good again.

Rick Nieuwenkamp and his team have started preparing the terrace for the summer and a major cleaning of the canteen and conservatory. Dick Hulst and his team gave the grandstand a big clean-up.

And from 20 April, a major paint job will be started on the tennis halls inside and the square hall outside. We will report more fully on this later.

And the outdoor courts? They look beautiful. The lines are in it, but we will only put the nets on it when the park can be opened again. Herman Mus has now started renovating the permanent outdoor benches. New planks are emerging, which are also being painted.

The photos speak for themselves. We will regularly post new photos on this site.