A few weeks ago I walked along the canals of my hometown.

It was a foggy evening, where the silence of the measures gave a desolate impression.

Walking past a shop window I saw the following statement printed on the glass:

” It’s about  time to start dancing in the rain”

An uplifting message in a muted  atmosphere; as far as I’m concerned, a good  metaphor for the moment we live in.

That it is still a challenging time is undeniable; that we can decide for ourselves what it means to us and what we can do with it is also a truth.

Perhaps one of the messages of recent years may be that health, both physical and mental, is not guaranteed and that respecting and maintaining it is one of the arts of life.


Exercise is healthy 🙂

Laughter is healthy 🙂

Our park is going to give opportunity to both of them.

In addition to the sporting possibilities in terms of tennis, padel and billiards, Park Startbaan Events will organize fun and lively events to meet the needs of our visitors.

All this, of course, within the possibilities of the measures in force at that time.

There is another reason for a party: our park exists 50 years :-).

We will of course use that joyful fact to give all events an extra touch and will be present as a theme throughout the year.

All events will be tailored as well as possible to the period in the season and the target groups for which they were conceived.

That said, all suggestions are obviously welcome.

I’m very approachable; an e-mail to parkmanager@parkstartbaan.nl is welcomed with open arms.

Let’s hope it will be a beautiful spring with a nice perspective in prospect.

We are going to make something beautiful out of it together!

Stay healthy and smile.