We don’t tell the regular visitors of the billiard center anything new: in the summer the billiard center is often too hot. Problems arise if the outside temperature rises above 20 degrees. At even higher outside temperatures, the inside temperatures are correspondingly higher.

The cause is a combination of factors: the heat produced by the people present, the low flat roof with the sun on it and of course, not to forget, the heating of the billiard tables.

Last summer we monitored the temperatures extensively and the conclusions are clear.

The current system is not sufficiently capable of providing a sufficiently comfortable temperature every day of the year.

We have been advised by installation experts and this has led to a plan to supplement the current installation system with a cooling unit and two heat pumps. The heat pumps replace the gas-fired heating of the blown in ventilation air in the winter, creating a hybrid system for heating the billiards center. In the summer, the heat pumps are used to cool the blown air.

The plan has been positively received by the boards of the billiard associations. The increase in comfort is accompanied by an increase in billiard rates. It was called reasonable by the billiard boards. More about the rate increase in the next post.