Park Startbaan 2023 – Billiards


As a result of the new opening up of the billiard center, the billiard center has also been adapted in some places.
The old entrance hall has been closed off and this hallway has been converted into a separate wardrobe with hooks for coats and a group of new lockers.

The biggest change in the billiard center concerned the adaptation of the bar so that it provides sufficient access space for the new access. The floor has been restored to its original state.

The opportunity has also been used to move the trophy cabinet to the long wall on the east side, making the billiards terrace (visually) larger. The wall behind this terrace is decorated with a trompe l’oeil decoration.

Billiard terrace

Prize cabinet

Terrace at passage

Billiard table



Old bar

Places bar

New bar