Park Startbaan 2023 – Clubhouse

Renewal clubhouse

Program of requirements for the renewal of the clubhouse

In March 2023, the board of Park Startbaan concluded a “construction team agreement” with contractor AvoKoenen. This agreement is based on a global program of requirements. This global program is described below. Further details will follow in the next phase.

When the tennis park was taken over, it was clear that the current conservatory was no longer adequate, climatically it was only usable to a limited extent (either too cold or too warm) and the various sliding doors are worn out. On the other hand, in terms of space, the conservatory does have a function in the totality of the clubhouse, partly as traffic space between the clubhouse and terrace and partly as seating in summer and winter. In addition, the conservatory has a function in the entry of light into the clubhouse.

The renovation of the conservatory creates the opportunity to redevelop the clubhouse in order to improve the involvement of the clubhouse on the outdoor courts. In the current situation there is little or no contact with the courts from the clubhouse.