Park Startbaan 2023 – What has been realized

What has been achieved so far?

The Park Startbaan renewal process started immediately after the acquisition of the park at the end of 2017. Many small and large innovations have been realized. The list below is therefore a selection of what has taken place.


  • coating of the indoor courts


  • TV-internet-telephone wiring renewed.
  • New WiFi network with wider guest access
  • Landscaping in the park with a new layout: palms and lower hedges
  • Replacement of old light fixtures outdoor courts with new LED fixtures
  • Installation drink-water tap at court 10/11
  • All interior lighting in canteen replaced by LED
  • Start online booking system tennis and billiards (
  • Start of construction committee autumn 2018


  • Choice for Palmpie as the mascot of Park Startbaan
  • Installation of more than 400 solar panels
  • Renewal roofing of the square hall
  • Replacement of the lights in tennis halls and billiard center by LED lighting
  • Renovation of the toilets


  • Introduction of the “Park Startbaan” brand as the name of the park for internal and external presentation.
  • Painting square hall both indoor and outside and replacing the curtains
  • Billiard center upgrade (floor, curtains and lighting)
  • Major renovation of the catering kitchen
  • Start renewing outdoor courts
  • Start renewing changing rooms


  • Renovation of changing rooms (new access to billiards center, underfloor heating, new changing rooms, storage trainers, MIVA shower and toilet, new lockers)
  • Adjustment of billiard center on new entrance (new layout bar, wall coverings, adjustment of wardrobe and new lockers)
  • Renewed outdoor courts (new gravel, all courts in blocks of 2 courts, new fencing, relocating practice cage, construction of palm terrace)
  • New entrance gate (in preparation)
  • Placement of heat pumps at the billiard center (sustainable hybrid heating in winter and cooling of ventilated air in summer)
  • Solar panels on roof of garages (in preparation)
  • Outdoor clock placement (under investigation)