Park Startbaan 2023 – Changing rooms

Renovation of changing rooms

Accelerated, partly due to the corona restrictions, the renovation work of the changing rooms started on November 30, 2020.

The layout of the rooms changes completely. The ladies and gents dressing room will soon be located in a new corridor that will give the bar a short route to the billiard center. For billiards this will be a new entrance, the old entrance will be closed.
New sanitary facilities, new tiling on the walls and floor, the new dressing rooms will soon be spic-and-span and that was urgently needed! And the necessary storage for the trainers’ sports equipment is also provided.

The main demolition works will take place in December 2020 while the Sports Café (unfortunately, unfortunately!) Is still closed due to corona. The opening of the access to the billiard center is not expected to take place until the course of February.
You can find it all on this construction drawing.

New situation

Old situation